About us

Right after crossing the Golden Gate we find ourselves in the heart of the city Gdańsk – Długa street. On our left we might immediately notice an Italian Restaurant – the place where chefs from all around Italy share with us their skills and practical knowledge in terms of culinary art. Well... who could be more familiar with all the mysteries and secrets of real Italian cuisine better than them? The recipies we rely on were held from father to son for many years, through many generations as a culinary heritage.

San Marco Restaurant is nothing else but a perfect combination of italian lifestyle, cuisine and passion. The sound of people talking, laughing, The sound of porcelain tableware placed back on the shelf, distinguished but cozy design, extraordinary but remarkable meals - these are the features that describe restaurant’s atmosphere – the factors that create unusuall, unique place where our guests keep coming back again and again. Why - you might ask? It is the hospitality that we put in the first place in order to make our guests feel as comfortable as they were at home.

The original neapolitan pizza is baked in the furnace created by profesional craftbuilders. Their undoubtful metier have been improving for more than 30 years now. It is the number of pizza ovens built all over the world to prove their undeniable professionalism. The company owner himself Raffaele Vassallo was the one to help us during our stove was being constructed. It took a month and a couple of stones brought straight from the Vesuvio Vulcano.

Every morning from 10 am to 12 am we serve breakfast and prepare homemade bread served warm with Italian cheeses and cold cuts or marmalade.

Aromatic wines, delicious Grappas and homemade desserts would be just a beggining of the great journey your senses can witness in San Marco Ristorante. Every meal has its own story and is related to a specific area in Italy. This is why our menu is customized seasonally and based on fresh articles. We focus mainly on the best quality products and reliable suppliers.